Q: How can my business benefit from InstaLeads™?

A: InstaLeads is a unique system that captures and distributes leads. Grow your business instantly by subscribing to these leads.

– Innovative & instant way to get new customers on auto-pilot.
– Quick & easy to use.
Beat your competitors to new business – be the 1st to know.
An unfair advantage over businesses that are not on InstaLeads.
– No need to wait for referrals from your customers anymore.
– No need to hire an expensive online marketing company.
– No need to pay Google a cent for their expensive ads.
– No more waste on FB ads.
– Extremely affordable + very very effective.
Exclusive & limited – Not anyone can get in.


Q: Where do these leads come from?

A: From InstaLeads and partner websites.

Q: Does InstaLeads™ currently supply leads in my industry and area?

A: You’ll be informed once your registration has been approved. There is a strict approval process, not anyone can get in.

Q: How can I receive leads?

A: Register here

Q: How much does it cost?

A: InstaLeads™ uses a pay-per-lead model. You’ll get a FREE email notification and a preview of the leads. You can then decide to buy the lead should you wish to contact the customer. To buy leads, you’d need credits.

Q: How long does it take for my credits to be activated after purchase?

A: Within 24 hours, generally within minutes.

Q: How many providers can buy the same lead?

A: 4 Maximum.

Q: I can’t seem to buy some leads, it says it is ‘unavailable’. Why is that?

A: It means that it is sold out. Be quicker on the button the next time!

Q: When do my credits expire?

A: Never, for as long as InstaLeads is operational.

Q: Will I receive an invoice for the credits?

A: Yes.

Q: Any other advice?

  1. When you buy a lead, make contact with the potential customer ASAP! They are HOT and ready to buy!
  2. Buy the biggest credit pack that your budget allows for. This will bring your cost per lead down and increase your ROI.
  3. Don’t expect to close every deal. You should, however, close enough deals to make AT LEAST double your investment back!